Celibacy quiz: Can you live a celibate life?

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To test your ability to live successfully as a celibate person, answer yes or no to the following statements:

1. Yes No I have close friends. Some of my friends are my peers (around my own age, similar education, and social circle).
2. Yes No I have a life!
3. Yes No I can enjoy time alone.
4. Yes No I can set limits.
5. Yes No I have a personal relationship with God and spend time in prayer.
6. Yes No I can say no.
7. Yes No I am willing to love those no one else will love.
8. Yes No I don’t need to satisfy my own needs immediately.
9. Yes No I can delay gratification.
10. Yes No My social circle is a mix of men and women.
11. Yes No My prayer life supports my struggle to be chaste (not chased!).
12. Yes No I know how to be intimate without being active sexually.
13. Yes No I have made and kept commitments in my life.
14. Yes No I can be honest, down to earth, realistic, joyful, and warm (though not all at the same time; no one is perfect!).
15. Yes No Most of the time I am comfortable with my own body and emotions.
Positive answers to these questions indicate you have the capacity to live the celibate life well.




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