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We are sorry that you are not happy with your Vocation Match results. Common reasons for few results are:
  • Age. Most communities are unable to accept members over 45 years of age. Some do have associate members and other affiliates, so we encourage you to read through the listings of communities that interest you or with whom you match (if you adjust your age), Then contact those communities to see whether they have some way that you may be actively involved in their prayer life, ministries, and community life. Find additional information for older discerners here.
  • Marital status. Most communities are unable to accept members who are married or divorced without an annulment. You may need to contact your local diocesan marriage tribunal for more information.
  • Religion. VISION Vocation Network is specifically designed for Catholics discerning consecrated life within the Catholic Church. Some communities may be willing to work with discerners who are in the process of converting to Catholicism, but none in the VISION system accept members who are not practicing Catholics.
  • Country. With the exception of some missionary communities, most religious communities seek members who live within the country where the community is based even if they offer ministry opportunities outside of their home country.
If you are still not clear why you are not seeing the type or quantity of matches you expected, please send us a note explaining your concerns. We're here to help!




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